October 6, 2020

If you are anything like me, the thought of writing a book pops into your head at least once or twice a year. For me, when the urge began it usually kicked up visuals in my head that might resemble to image above. That is our self-doubt kicking in. It took me a few decades to realize that if everyone Hindenburged their dreams, there would be almost nothing worth seeing, reading or doing in life.

My desire to write a story usually came after watching a movie that sucked. “I could write a better story than that!” I would tell myself or others. Perhaps the reason so many sucky stories exist in the first place is that the people with active imaginations are also procrastinators? Maybe. But one day as I sat in front of my computer with a blank page before me, I just started telling myself a story. I wrote three paragraphs and stopped to read it.

“Yah. Now I know why I’m not a writer,” I thought to myself, but it didn’t end there. “Hey…it’s not the story that sucks, it’s my writing!” So, I promised to get better by reading some great novels by great writers to see how it was done. As time went by, I got better and went back to rewrite the early chapters. That’s why it took me several years to write my first novel. Trial and error. My story telling came to a halt in 2015 when my wife was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Crushing the statistics of that deadly disease, she lived until late 2017. Afterwards, it took time to regain my desire to write. It wasn’t until April of 2020 that I was able to finish and publish Void of Power! Let the imaginings continue!